Structural engineering
Primarily each building or infrastructure must satisfy the need of security, therefore must lay be grounded in durable and sturdy structures. We pay a lot of attention in consolidation intervention and seismic improvement of what already existing, especially in a territory as the Italian one, exceptionally rich of such needs. Many are the differences between designing a fully new structure and fix or amend of an already existing structure, all of them curated with the same attention and care. Moreover, our intent is to create structural entities with a clear functionality and realized in simple way.
In both cases of a new structure or operating on an already existing one, our first approach is to identify which will be the final result. The objective has to be established in terms of security, costs and implementation times. For such purposes, it is crucial knowing strengths and weaknesses of the many existing different materials other than pros and cons of their interaction. At the final stage, the project always faces operating methods in the realization of the structure.