Every commission has the need to be properly organized, with an accurate and effective manner, no difference with project one, or shipbuilding one, or both approaches. When procedures are highly fragmented, it’s possible to occur in difficulties facing many technical actors: we will play the role handlers, coordinating all technical aspects. As per the executive part, we do follow the whole storyline of the construction site, not only on the topic of work management but also safety plans coordination.
At first we define every actor that needs to be involved in the performance of the project: designers, professional consultants, construction companies. We manage the interaction between them all and we share with our customer every project results and analysis results. Later, we also share customer and administration’s necessities, so that we can reach a more perfect result with the help of a review phase. In the construction site, the check is executed through inspections following the need of the project, on a frequent base. Dialog with construction companies for us is a focal point, since who will create physically the project will share a first and very important feedback.