During the years, Kosmos Group’s actibity has been very focused on reliefs, so that we have had the chance to grow a dedicated section for it. The group has reached high experience in terms of spatial relief, including big areas, with the purpose of delivering the bases for constructing and infrastructural projects, confinement and activities related to the map addition with PREGEO.Kosmos Gorup’s architectural relief’s know how is sturdy and strong, both through more traditional instruments and laserscanner.
Relief activity is strongly connected with the nature of the construction site or the building-the object of the relief and the goal of the relief itself. Our process always starts from the evaluation of the sites and the consideration of what output we want to obtain. Following, we will choose the instruments of need and we express the composition of the team, extimating time and costs for the intervention. At last, workers will operate on site, giving back digital data. Depending on the type and the complexity of the relief (infrastructural, spatial, monument, industrial site) timing could variate.