Demolition and reconstruction of an old schoolkosmos group image architetti architetti architects ingegneria ingegnere engineerBrusciano (NA)
The project involves the demolition and reconstruction with a different shape of an old disused school located on the residential outskirts of the town, in an area surrounded by mixed type buildings, with a medium-high density. The new structure, which respects the existing volumes, rationalizes the occupation of the area, thanks to a well-defined and rigorous stereometry shape, which opens on the ground floor into a large porch. The structure in the basement is in reinforced concrete, then mixed in reinforced masonry and reinforced concrete frame at the upper levels. Being a strategic building, the project use class is IV, therefore particular attention has been paid to the structural aspects. The interiors are designed according to criteria of simplicity and flexibility, with environments that can be variously compartmentalized, thanks to the variegated location of the perimeter openings, which follows an apparently random order, actually conceived precisely to guarantee numerous variations of the internal partitions, according to the use of environments at a specific time. At the same time, the play of the facade windows gives dynamism to a rather box-like building and their dimensions undermine the hermeticism of the envelope. The 'random' application of polystyrene elements colored with blue-celestial colors on all external facades creates a positive dialogue with a context of mediocre quality and connotes the building as a real zonal point of reference. The thermal insulation and plant engineering aspects ensure that at the end of its construction the building achieves NZEB characteristics, as required by current laws.