Adventure Park IN San Giovanni in Persicetokosmos group image architetti architetti architects ingegneria ingegnere engineerSan Giovanni in Persiceto (BO)
On private initiative, but with public value, an exploratory project was carried out in order to develop at Parco Avventura a wide section of San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO) urban park, that is close to the swimming pool and the sports center. The project was developed in a marginal area of the park to favour the upgrading and development of an under-utilized area. An area that, however, features a pleasant landscape (it is not far from a creek) and that is already served by a close parking area. The area is equipped with tall trees that make the landscape very enjoyable. Yet, these trees are not ft for air routes as well as for other leisure facilities. Thus an equipment system to be developed with scaffolding elements with appropriately modulated pipes and couplings, as well as delimitation wood elements was conceived. The end effect is a sort of central “castle” capable of both sorting the users towards routes of varying difficulty and of representing an attractive pole, featuring recreational and info points also connected with the local fauna and flora. Kosmos Group focused on diversification, also proposing to place games and equipment at ground level. Moreover, to make the Adventure Park usable in most periods of the year, a detached wooden path about half a meter from the ground was conceived, that acts as backbone of the park itself. The whole leisure facility was designed to be gradually expanded, to get a right balance of costs and revenues.