Stone Citykosmos group image architetti architetti architects ingegneria ingegnere engineerBolgare (BG)
Granulati Zandobbio, the renowned gardening equipment manufacturer based in Bolgare (BG) launched a private idea contest to build a new exhibition and directional headquarters to pursue its Stone City project. The head office is located on the lot owned by the company next to the highway and, according to the client, it had to feature an iconic and evokative look. Our project developed such subject seeking an impact that is either strong and simple at the same time. A highly monolithic and bright building was conceived, suggesting a solid, but lightweight image. Inside, organization revolves around a monumental staircase with high platforms departing from it. These platforms are likely to be used both for private meetings and as exhibition grounds for specific products. External areas were conceived as a “carpet” featuring just a few colours and fully developed with Granulati Zandobbio products.

At night, the building is a sort of “lamp” catching the attention of the highway, a real landmark for travellers. A monolith rebuilt by assembling Granulati Zandobbio stones and grooved so that it filters light from inside to the outside, acting as a totem for the company. Identification of the totem with Granulati Zandobbio is so immediate it does not require even the insertion of a recognition logotype.