Don Minzonikosmos group image architetti architetti architects ingegneria ingegnere engineerBologna (BO)
The condominium in Via Don Minzoni 11, located in the center of Bologna in front of the Museum of Modern Art, over the years has shown the development of a noteworthy cracking state in correspondence with the porticoed area. The building, an imposing residential building largely rebuilt after the bombing of the Second World War and at the same time raised, suffers from the age of the constituent materials and from the passage, in the neighboring streets, of heavy vehicle traffic. Kosmos Group designed a structural reinforcement intervention with carbon fibers and steel tie rods to consolidate the intrados of the vaults and arches of the porch and to counteract the warping effect of the facades in the event of a seismic event. Kosmos Group also takes care of the construction management and safety coordination.