Parish Centerkosmos group image architetti architetti architects ingegneria ingegnere engineerGuiglia (MO)
The Parish Center’s building probably represents the most important building intervention involving the small hill town over the last few years. This complex joins the canonical house with some Parish spaces, integrating them in a unitary project. The structure is in concrete as far as foundations and the basement are concerned, while the upper floors and the cover are fully in wood. Insulating cladding is in EPS (XPS in the baselines), while the roofing is in steel, laid by using the double-seaming technique. Inter-floor ceiling (PT/P1) is made of inverted beams in laminated wood, matched with male-female technique and connectors; steel also appears as wall coating (copper-effect slats) of the diagonal septum dividing the two sections the building is composed of. The canonical house is already inhabited, whereas the Parish spaces are being completed.